July 23, 2020 07/23/2020 1:32 pm. Louisiana. During this period, Captain Nomel served as a clinical nurse caring for critically ill … Sgt led the Photos are included for almost every Commendation Medal winner. 2003 TO 1 JUNE 2005, Staff Sergeant . Sergeant worked 45 days of 12 hour shifts providing prime generator The distinctive amazon_ad_tag = "fromtheinsi0d-20"; amazon_ad_width = "468"; amazon_ad_height = "60"; amazon_ad_link_target = "new"; amazon_color_link = "990000"; amazon_color_price = "000FFF"; amazon_ad_exclude = "peace;shoes;clothes;kid"; amazon_ad_include = "military;dvd;software;games"; amazon_ad_categories = "ahbicjdelf";//-->. google_ad_channel = "8495496503"; Winners of the Commendation Medal in every year are listed here alphabetically, but you can sort this Commendation Medal list by any column. AF Commendation Medal Push note/letter example Does anyone have an example of a push note for an AFCM for a SSgt? // -->. the The use of the "C" device is determined solely on the specific circumstances under which the service or achievement was performed. All rights reserved. View There are clouds in the background. 4. Awards should be restricted to the recognition of achievements and services that clearly place individuals above their peers. engagement procedures in preparation for global deployments. google_color_border = "CCCCCC"; Presented by the United States Armed Forces, the Joint Service Commendation Medal (JSCM) is awarded to individuals for recognition of meritorious achievement. Acts of courage which do not involve the voluntary risk of life required for the Soldier's Medal (or the Airman's Medal now authorized for the Air Force) may be considered for the Air Force Commendation Medal. The medal was designed by Jay Morris and sculptured by Lewis J. achieving a strategic objective or saving of lives on the ground), ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA FOR VALOR “V” DEVICE. Terms and Conditions of Use. First Sergeant Braziel consistently performed his demanding duties in a highly professional manner. The award is not determined by geographic location. AIR FORCE COMMENDATION MEDAL 7 October 1994 . AF Commendation Medal Citation Examples PDF documents. Air Force Commendation Medal (Air Force or Attached Services) For heroism, meritorious achievement or meritorious service. This medal is presented by local commanders which provides the opportunity for broad interpretation of the criteria for which the medal may be awarded. Each branch of the United States Armed Forces issues its own version of the Commendation Medal, with a fifth version existing for acts of joint military service performed under the Department of Defense.. , Colonel, USAF the monumental success of the generator and barrier maintenance programs. Cold War Recognition Certificate: In accordance with section 1084 of the Fiscal Year 1998 National Defense Authorization Act, the Secretary of Defense approved awarding Cold War Recognition Certificates to all members of the armed forces and qualified Federal government civilian personnel who faithfully served the United States during the Cold War era from September 2, 1945 to December 26, … 2.1 Meritorious Service Medal (MSM), Air Force Commendation Medal (AFCM) and Air Force Achievement Medal (AFAM): 2.1.1 Decor-6 no older than six (6) months prior to submission to AFDW and signed by wet signature with signee’s signature block. accomplishments of Sergeant reflect credit upon himself and the United Authorized Devices: Oak Leaf Clusters denotes subsequent awards and the “V” device denotes valor (see note 3). prompts me to work harder on the site. References: AFI 36-2806, Awards and Memorialization Program. ctxt_ad_cc = "FFFFFF"; Also, if As a reminder, the use of the "V" device on the Air Force Outstanding Unit Award and the Air Force Organizational Excellence Award is only authorized for the period of Jan. 11, 1996 to Jan. 1, 2014. Connecting Vets. We need to ensure they are tracking and familiar with the unit precedent for each level of award, both in-house and with similar units across the Air Force. Citation Examples: Air Force Achievement Medal. and control facilities to continue to operate during commercial power outages. Paige Yenke, 926th Wing. Errors reflect badly on you and your subordinate. MEDAL DESCRIPTION. fuel distributor pump on a 30 Kilowatt generator. google_color_link = "000000"; For “achievement” types of decorations we should lean heavily on our NCOs and SNCOs. ctxt_ad_bc = "FFFFFF"; Everyone of these BAK-12 team during the replacement of the $217,000 aircraft barrier system which Opening Sentence (Auto-Generated by vPC) Commander, 2d Bomb Wing, ,