Swift, a Brand that Speaks

When consumers complain that brands do not communicate, you can be sure that they’re right. Due to this, it is not by chance that the brands that pay attention to what consumers say end up becoming the outstanding brands present in the market.

Swift is one of those. And when it create ‘100%’, the idea was precisely to create a closer, clearer and more direct conversation with consumers. The result was a full vitalization of the brand. A case that will get people talking.


The first step was to re-think the branding and then create a new brand. The logo’s geometric shape was rounded, like a Comics’ speech balloon. A brand book was prepared in order to ensure the correct application of new guidelines.

The new identity led to the preparation of visual merchandising, for the new store environment– including the reformulation of architecture and facades – conceptualization of vans and creation of over 300 new types of packaging for products. The inspiration came from the visual identity and shopping experiences in traditional butcheries and small neighborhood markets: places where everybody knows everybody and where a good price combines with a kind and personalized service.

“There are moments when brands re-define the market. There are projects that re-define us as people and as professionals”.

The ‘100%’ team went into the field to find out the special secret of these places, and surveyed references in order to bring Swift stores this intimate, reliable and familiar environment.

That’s how the talking store arose. An environment that relays all the information, usually invisible to the consumer, while being affordable and personal. As well as this, it was a great challenge to show that frozen meat, in addition to providing quality warranty, is also tasty, with friendly prices.

With the new own product stores, Swift is getting even closer to its public; valuing and proving its products’ origin quality and transmitting values that encourage a healthier life.

With a modern take on a familiar form, the new stores are a real market of beef cuts, chicken cuts, fish, vegetables and ready-made meals. And that’s just the beginning. Three stores have already been established and another 25 will be opened this year.

Swift. More than a case under construction: an experience that changed not only the brand, but all the people involved in the project as well.

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