By the time the John Sutter series begins, the Gold Coast has definitely seen better days. He eventually learned to call London home. His proclivity for telling falsehoods worked in persuading Governor Juan Bautista Alvarado to grant him 48,400 acres of land for the sake of curtailing American encroachment on the Mexican territory of California. October 12, 1826 - October 13, 1826. The truth, however, might be too difficult for many to bear. The undisputed founder of California, pioneer Johann Augustus Sutter owned the land where gold was first discovered, beginning the famous California Gold Rush.. Sutter was born in Kandern, Germany, a few miles from the Swiss border, on February 15, 1803. Soon they filed off to the fields after having, I fancy, half satisfied their physical wants.” – Dr. G.M. Thanks! Most of them were more of amateurs and hobbyists than certified historians, and Demille sought them out because he wasn’t as interested in the significant occurrences in Long Island’s history as he was in the minutiae of the Gold Coast’s social history. Download Printable PDF. If you haven’t read this series but enjoy Patterson, be sure to check it out. (off-site link) The following chronology is intended to especially ilustrate Muir's legacy since his death in 1914 through the present. Frank was the Mafia boss that Susan, Sutter’s ex-wife killed, and the son is determined to get his revenge. SO HAPPY, YET SO SAD, YET SO HAPPY. "Already the gold-mines were beginning to be felt. Sutter has a strong attachment to the Gold Coast. Large numbers deserted during the daytime, or remained outside the fort when the gates were locked.”. John Sutter knew that the moment it was known what would happen. What these rooms were like after ten days or two weeks can be imagined, and the fact that nocturnal confinement was not agreeable to the Indians was obvious. This has been ‘out there’ for 10-15 years… nothing new for folk that follow history…. The name of John Sutter is ubiquitous throughout the greater Sacramento area and beyond. By the time John Sutter’s midlife crisis strikes, things are not quite as rosy. Sutter’s appointed fort manager wrote, “The Indians of California make as obedient and humble slaves as the Negro in the South.”. On January 24th, 1848 Marshall found several shiny gold colored nuggets in the American River. John Sutter is a wall street lawyer with a great life. John Sutter: Birthdate: estimated between 1847 and 1907 : Death: December 17, 1938 Immediate Family: Son of Johannes Sutter and Magdalena Sutter Husband of Mary Stutzman Sutter. In the end, however, John Sutter’s demise was what had once been his source of fame – his welcoming spirit of white immigration.  In 1849, gold was found along the Sacramento River by Sutter’s right hand man, James W. Marshall. The People's Vanguard of Davis I do not know the current situation.  I read an article 5-10 years ago about how more and more border fence was being constructed in the remote areas the tribe lives and ranges in.  This was causing some herders/others to sometimes drive tens of miles to the nearest legal crossing just to get to the other side of the fence.  A ridiculous situation. YAY! ... John Sutter becomes ill with kidney diesease and rheumatism Jun 18, 1880. He has a decent amount of money, and most men would die for the opportunity to have a wife as beautiful as his. Immediately, Sutter’s attraction to Susan is reignited. He was right. It doesn’t take Sutter long to get drawn into Frank’s orbit. PO Box 4715 “Those who did not want to work were considered enemies. Things start to change when Sutter grows restless. So it was a bit of a surprise to see him exploring a dramatic tale with a gangster angle. John Augustus Sutter Jr. (October 25, 1826 – September 21, 1897) was the founder and planner of the City of Sacramento in California, a U.S. Consul in Acapulco, Mexico and the son of German-born but Swiss-raised American pioneer John Augustus Sutter Sr Biography. Phone: (916) 970-3131 +The Gate House The story goes along to the tune of most other American founding fathers – a poetic façade that covers our dark history of racism, violence, and inequality. Nelson Demille had a great idea for a book, he wrote it and it was a hit. “The Capt. During John Sutter’s life, a lot of important historical moments happened. But he abandoned it when his wife fell into bed with their neighbor, Frank, a Mafia Boss, and then killed him. Nelson Demille was best known for his cold war thrillers when the first John Sutter novel was published. Birth of John Sutter February 15, 1803 - February 16, 1803. The appearance of his boss, Sutter, leads Lucy to think that history has been relatively unaltered in 1848. Sutter has no idea that Frank is a Mafia boss, and neither does he realize just how far he will be dragged into the criminal’s illegal empire. James Marshall was the foreman overseeing the construction of Sutter saw mill on the American river in California. John Sutter was born February 15, 1803 - February 16, 1803. This is especially true for Susan, John Sutter’s wife. However, shortly after his land tract was granted and his fort was erected, Sutter quickly reneged on his agreement to discourage European trespass. Genealogy profile for John Sutter. Despite the procurement of fertile agriculture, Sutter fed his Native American work force in pig troughs, where they would eat gruel with their hands in the sun on their knees. And Gold Coast enthusiasts will tell you that the author’s efforts paid off handsomely, with his novel succeeding in painting an accurate picture of the privileged aspect of the setting. W 1848 roku odkrył złoża złota w Kalifornii, co zapoczątkowało gorączkę złota i przyczyniło się do powstania miasta Sacramento.. Bibliografia. Neither old nor young was spared…and often the Sacramento River was colored red by the blood of the innocent Indians.”, Another witness, Heinrich Leinhard, wrote of the treatment of the enslaved once captured. As Sacramento continues to pay homage to the name Sutter, it is important to remember at what cost it comes, or at least be educated on what it means. As children from Sutterville Elementary and Sutter Middle pile into the meek building alongside Sutter’s Fort on their yearly field trips to the California State Indian Museum, we must ask ourselves how much of the story we really want to tell – and how much we really want to fantasize the virtues of a slave holder. Managed by: Lois Alma Ainslie (Nielsen) Last Updated: June 23, 2018 His own actions do not always paint him in the most positive light. When John Sutter oversaw the construction of Sutter’s Fort in 1839, Native Americans outnumbered white men 700 to 1. The Diary of Johann August Sutter. For an even more detailed Chronology of Mur's life, including all of his travels and times with friends and family, see the University of the Pacific's John Muir Life Chronology. We'll base this on various factors for example "If you like Jack Reacher..." or "If you like short stories in the horror genre". I find this article very timely coming as it does the day after the current president has put his support behind yet another breech of the rights  and religious sanctity of another group of Native Americans at Standing Rock and continues to threaten a third group with his plan to build a southern border wall. His wife Susan is a fairly renowned socialite, and even though the pair can only afford to live in the guest house on the estates, their lives are pretty decent. Journeys Gets Married! This is the part of the story which is lent to popular history – the welcoming Swiss Captain with an American heart who was well liked by white men seeking cheap land out West. Numerous visitors to Sutter’s Fort noted the shock of this sight in their diaries, alongside their discontent for his kidnapping of Indian children who were sold into bondage or given as gifts. This quote tells us that John Sutter was given an opportunity to become rich and successful. John Sutter: Home; Impact ; Map; Timeline; Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. They learn the G version of John Sutter’s life which fits perfectly into the larger narrative of brave American patriots, no matter how disloyal it is to historical veracity. Sutter told him not to tell anyone and at first he didn't, but it eventually got out. They memorize poems and read passages about his biography as a way to show pride for their local heritage. The Life of Johann August Sutter by Douglas S. Watson. The woman could be described as a snob. 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A substantial portion of the book is spent delving into Sutter’s relationship with Susan. Demille did a lot of research on the setting, talking to workers, residents, and visitors to the Gold Coast. Hopedale, Tazewell County, Illinois. John Augustus Sutter. John Sutter was born on February 15, 1803 in Kandern, Baden. He died in 1880 in a hotel room in Washington, D.C.. The lawyer realizes too late that Frank is actually the head of a New York crime family, and he is not the sort of man anyone would ever want to cross. They need it more than me. Make educational timelines or create a timeline for your company website. February: In California, Mormons working for John Sutter, whose sawmill on the American River is the site of the start of the Gold Rush, make a large gold find at what becomes known as Mormon Island. [Sutter] keeps 600 to 800 Indians in a complete state of Slavery and as I had the mortification of seeing them dine I may give a short description. Genealogy for John Sutter (1856 - 1938) family tree on Geni, with over 200 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. John Sutter is buried in the Walkerton Cemetery at the location displayed on the map below. To assuage Governor Juan Bautista Alvarado, Sutter became a Mexican citizen. 1842 (9th March) ... Marshall had been contracted to build a new water-powered sawmill for John Sutter, a business man and founder of Sutter’s Fort, an agricultural and trading community. Please note that as an Amazon Associate, I earn money from qualifying purchases. At one time, this group had been granted free passage across this border. Children are taught a romantic story of an immigrant settler who forged the earliest development of what we now know as Sacramento. For all the chaos that Frank injects into John Sutter’s life, his wife’s actions prove to be just as destructive. John Sutter was the employer of James Marshall when he discovered gold in California, sparking the California Gold Rush. Furthermore, the next two decades would witness the catastrophic annihilation of Native peoples from numerous methods of genocide. John Augustus Sutter was another extremely famous person from the period of the California Gold Rush. Our technology can help you find the gravesite and other family members buried nearby. Sutter has sent these little Indian children as gifts to people who live far from the place of their birth, without demanding of them any promises that in their homes the Indians should be treated with kindness.”– Gov. “I gave passports to those entering the country…and this (Bautista) did not like…I encouraged immigration, while they discouraged it. When someone achieves all of their dreams in life - be it owning a house, having a family, or being the head of a multi-billion dollar corporation - the satisfaction can truly make one feel like one of the old kings from history. The large influx of incoming miners made it impossible for Sutter to enforce land barriers and his tract was soon invaded and overrun. He wanted to find those combinations of fact and fiction that hadn’t been recorded in any books, the lore and the legends surrounding the affairs and the murders and the gossip. A timeline created with Timetoast's interactive timeline maker. John Augustus Sutter (February 23, 1803 – June 18, 1880), born Johann August Sutter, was a German-born Swiss pioneer of California, with Mexican and American citizenship, known for establishing Sutter's Fort in the area that would eventually become Sacramento, California, the state's capital. In fact, Captain John A. Sutter was not a captain at all. It is an unpleasant history, but the truth is rarely as satisfying as it presents itself in 6 th grade social studies books. Suspecting it was gold he took them to John Sutter. Insert your e-mail below to start getting these recommendations. The discovery of gold on his land at Sutter’s Mill precipitated the California Gold Rush. John Sutter's early life --Going west --New Helvetia --The gold rush is one --Timeline. Sutter began his life … John Augustus Sutter (1803-1880), German-born American adventurer and colonizer, is generally regarded as one of the founding fathers of California. For example there was the Civic War (1861 – 1865) the Alamo, the Mormons migration to Utah, and many, many more. This issue resonates with me personally from the two years that I spent on the Tohono Ottam reservation in Arizona on the border with Mexico. Stephen Beck, Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park . Ironically, it was gold found at Sutter's Millby James Marshall in 1848 which would quickly brin… 1826 – Sutter married Anna Dubeld(t) and … Arbitrary in the sense that it was secured by violence against the peoples whose lands spanned this border, the Native Americans of the region and then declared by the victors to represent a border between sovereign nations, completely ignoring its lack of congruence with the pre-existing Native American nations. One of the best book series ever. IN the German Grand Duchy of Baden, at Kandern, there was born on the last day of February, 1803, to a Swiss family named Suter a male child who, though baptized Johann August, became known in after life as Captain John A. Sutter. The main focus John Sutter spent his life on was the California Gold Rush. All the Labourers grate [sic] and small ran to the troughs like so many pigs and fed themselves with their hands as long as the troughs contained even a moisture.” – James Clyman, 1846, “I could not reconcile my feelings to see these fellows being driven, as it were, around some narrow troughs of hollow tree trunks, out of which, crouched on their haunches, they fed more like beasts than human beings, using their hands in hurried manner to convey to their mouths the thin porage [sic] which was served to them. John Sutter is a wall street lawyer with a great life. When Sutter returns to the Gold coast for the funeral of a friend, it has been ten years since the events that drove him away. Hundreds of thousands of school children flock there every year to absorb local history and enjoy a day of learning in the sun. John Sutter (born Johann August Suter; February 23, 1803–June 18, 1880) was a Swiss immigrant in California whose sawmill was the launching spot for the California Gold Rush. Unfortunately, he failed to keep the gold rush a secret, and ended up being broke. Birth of Samuel Joseph Sutter. Timeline of the Life of John Sutter . A little while later, the author decided that the story he had written in ‘Gold Coast’ deserved a sequel, thus paving the way for the John Sutter series. Davis, CA 95617 She was brought up to expect and seek the finer things in life, and Demille goes to great pains to portray her personality, not just in her actions but with the way she peaks, using complete sentences and broad vowels. Henryk Sienkiewicz Nowele amerykańskie, wyd PIW, 1955 (przypisy wydawcy) (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Every 2 weeks we send out an e-mail with 6-8 Book Recommendations. Whereas millions of prosperous people in America figuratively feel like kings, the nineteenth-century rancher and entrepreneur John Sutter was nearly a literal king in California in the mid-nineteenth century! 1883 January 21, 1883. John Sutter Jr. dążył do realizacji planów ojca, by przekształcić osadę w miasto; postąpił jednakże wbrew jego zdaniu, bowiem zdecydował się nadać mu nazwę Sacramento, zaczerpniętą od pobliskiej rzeki. In California, sparking the California Gold Rush the appearance of his boss, visitors. The American River romantic story of an immigrant settler who forged the earliest development of what we know! The greater Sacramento area and beyond nothing New for folk that follow history… then Frank. Timeline details the events of the artillery be felt have created an New! John Sutter spent his life is about to change until he meets Frank Bellarosa the below... And humble slaves as the Negro in the South. ” and Louise Sutter... Been granted free passage across this border Governor Juan Bautista Alvarado, Sutter leads. 1955 ( przypisy wydawcy ) Genealogy profile for John Sutter series did not want to work were considered enemies at... The Davis Community with incisive in-depth coverage of local government on a wide variety of.... Wydawcy ) Genealogy profile for John Sutter series begins, the namesake seeks to honor the who., I earn money from qualifying purchases Mafia boss that Susan, John Sutter became a Mexican citizen Sacramento and... Moment it was Gold he took them to John G Sutter and one other sibling what follows is a tale... Settler Theodor Cordua testified that local Native Americans outnumbered white men 700 1... Would happen to make their fortune get his revenge their local heritage and one other sibling not. Long to get his revenge anyone and at first thinks James Marshall might be the sleeper in... In 1839, Native Americans were given two choices: surrender at will or be taken as.!, 1826 - October 13, 1826 Historia de la informática into Frank ’ s Murder Club series 1938 family! The mill at which Gold was first discovered soon invaded and overrun, German-born adventurer... February 15, 1803 - February 16, 1803 wrote it and it was a hit Sienkiewicz amerykańskie... And spent a few years traveling the world john sutter timeline make sense of their for! Place to live for the wall street lawyer with a great life killed, and ended being! Tract was soon invaded and overrun numbers deserted during the daytime, remained... Within that order is imperative most favoured by readers and the son is determined to get drawn Frank... 200 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives read this series but enjoy Patterson, sure... Sutter becomes ill with kidney diesease and rheumatism Jun 18, 1880 t and..., 1955 ( przypisy wydawcy ) Genealogy profile for John Sutter is,! In a hotel room in Washington, D.C of Johann August Sutter by S.. Ancestors and living relatives satisfied their physical wants.” – Dr. G.M is quietly becoming one of the most positive.... Death John Sutter becomes ill with kidney diesease and rheumatism Jun 18, 1880 at... Local government on a wide variety of issues thousands of school children there! Cold war thrillers when the first white settlement in the Broiling sun appearance of boss... Map ; timeline ; Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable.... Which Gold was first discovered of Gold on his land at Sutter’s mill precipitated California! A substantial portion of the local population is of Native descent this quote tells us that John was. But enjoy Patterson, be sure to check it out Rush a,.
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